P.E.I. group sets up Little Free Library with French books

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When Gail Lecky was looking for ways to celebrate the Canadian Parents for French PEI's 40th anniversary, she decided to put a unique spin on a familiar practice.

Lecky, the organization's executive director, decided to set up a Little Free Library in the Royalty Center in Charlottetown, but one with French books.

Unique idea

"There's probably a number of Little Free Libraries on P.E.I., but we didn't think there was any with French books in it. So, we thought that would be unique for us to do."

She explained that the organization supports french immersion and french as a second language programs on the Island. Even so, Lecky said the library is for anyone.

"Having the visibility of that Little Library that has French books in it will bring to mind the value of speaking both languages, so I think that's beneficial to both the French first language and second language communities," she said.

Variety of books

Given that little libraries involve taking a book and leaving another one behind, the Little Free French Library has a variety of books, including novels for young adults and even a cook book. Lecky also noted that other language books have found their way into the collection.

"Actually, we had a Spanish dictionary here in the office that I picked up somewhere. So, we put the Spanish dictionary in there," said Lecky.

The Little French Free Library was unveiled at an open house on March 8. It is located in the Royalty Centre at 40 Enman Cres.

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