P.E.I. tourism industry concerned about labour shortage

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P.E.I. jobs recovery holding

A job fair this weekend for tourism businesses looking for employees was particularly busy this weekend with employers looking for applicants.

There were about 40 operators at the fair in Kensington, P.E.I., organized by the Tourism Industry Association of P.E.I. The association's director of training and education, Kathy Livingstone, said that is significantly more than usual.

"There is a labour shortage," said Livingstone.

"Obviously a huge need, because we have a lot more employers than we've had in the past."

Livingstone said students still provide an important resource for filling positions during the busy summer season, but operators are increasingly turning to older workers as well.

These older workers, perhaps retired from careers but not ready to stop work entirely, said Livingstone, are good candidates for part-time work throughout the year.

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