Parents fight off late-night intruder found in 4-year-old’s bedroom, Arizona cops say

A mom checking on her 4-year-old son late at night got a shock when she discovered a strange man in his room, Arizona police reported.

The mom began screaming and the 25-year-old intruder attacked her in the Sunday, April 14, confrontation, Phoenix police said in a news release.

The child’s father rushed in and began fighting with the intruder, police said. The two fought their way to the back yard, where the intruder climbed over a wall and escaped.

Police called by the family searched for the intruder but could not initially find him, officers said.

The mother told police she woke when someone turned on a light inside the home and went to check on her 4-year-old son after noticing his bedroom door was open, KSAZ reported.

Officers arrested Abdullahi Aroni, 25, on Monday, April 15, after a search of his home turned up evidence linking him to the incident, police said.

Aroni told investigators he was intoxicated and did not remember the incident, police told KSAZ.

He faces charges of sexual conduct with a child, burglary and assault.

An investigation into the case continues, police said.

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