Passengers flee burning Boeing jet that skidded off runway in Senegal

Passengers fled a burning Boeing 737 plane after the aircraft, which was carrying 85 people, skidded off a runway at the airport in Dakar, Senegal capital, according to the transport minister and footage from a passenger that showed the plane on fire.

Ten people were injured, officials said.

Footage showed people jumping down emergency slides and running from the plane with the orange glow of fire seen in the distance.

Transport minister El Malick Ndiaye said the Air Sénégal flight operated by TransAir was headed to Bamako, Mali.

Injured people were being treated at a hospital, while others were taken to a hotel to rest.

Boeing told The Independent: “Carriers operate and maintain their airplanes for upwards of 30 to 40 years. We refer you to the operator for questions related to their fleet operations. We will provide any requested support to our customers.”