Paul Sculfor went to rehab after drug binge and breakdown

Paul Sculfor went to rehab after a drug binge led to a breakdown credit:Bang Showbiz
Paul Sculfor went to rehab after a drug binge led to a breakdown credit:Bang Showbiz

Paul Sculfor's lavish life in Hollywood led him into a dark spiral of booze and drugs that ended in a breakdown that sent him to rehab.

The 53-year-old model - who dated stars including Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz - has admitted becoming rich and famous left him feeling miserable and he developed social anxiety, suicidal thoughts and addiction issues.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper: "There were private jets, yachts, penthouses, mansions in Beverly Hills, incredibly beautiful women, incredible experiences all the time - it was fantastic!

"I’d made it financially. I’d had the girlfriends - all the stuff on paper that as a young man I didn’t think was possible, and I let my guard down a little too much.

"I was trying to gain connections but I was making fair-weather friends. Things got very dark. I was always ill, I developed social anxiety, shut myself off from my family. I turned down jobs because I couldn’t be bothered - very unlike me.

"My outlook on life changed from being excited to pretty much suicidal. I didn’t want to be myself any more."

Paul went on to confess his breaking point in 2004 when he went on a drugs binge on the night of a charity event at home in Essex, England.

He said: "I was having a breakdown ... In the morning I collapsed on the floor in the hall. I came to in the afternoon. I felt, ‘I’m done.’ There was no emotion, no thought process, it was like I’d died. I was exhausted with life."

He checked into rehab clinic the Priory and stayed there for six months as he got clean and attempted to turn his life around.

Paul eventually returned to modelling and settled down with wife Federica Amati, but he now devotes much of his time to helping others battling similar issues.

He runs a charity called the Stride Foundation, which provides education about addiction and financial support to help suffered access rehab treatment and he's also planning to launch a podcast which focuses on substance abuse issues.