Peace by Chocolate creates a full range of Pride Bars

When the Hadhad family started Peace by Chocolate in Antigonish, N.S. in 2016, the Syrian family had a goal to give back to the community that brought them to Nova Scotia and the country that welcomed them.

Peace by Chocolate – Rainbow Flag

After creating their Peace Bars with the first one titled Wantaqo’ti, which is the word “peace” in the indigenous Mi’kmaq language, the company has now created Pride Bars to support the LGBTQ+ community and continue to share their message of “peace.”

Peace by Chocolate – Transgender Flag

Tareq Hadhad, founder of Peace by Chocolate, told Yahoo Canada News that $1.00 from each bar sold will be donated to Phoenix Youth Programs of Halifax, a local non-profit group.

Peace by Chocolate – Asexual Flag

The bars have received attention on social media because Peace by Chocolate moved beyond a Pride Bar with a rainbow flag – they have created six bars to represent the LGBTQ+ community, including the Trans Flag Bar, the Bisexual Flag Bar and the Asexual Flag Bar:

Peace by Chocolate – Bisexual Flag

The Hadhad family arrived in Canada after a 2012 bombing in Damascus, Syria which resulted in the family losing their home and their 20-year-old chocolate factory. The community of Antigonish sponsored the family and helped them build a chocolate factory.

Peace by Chocolate – Lesbian Flag

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared the Hadhad family’s story at the Leaders Summit on Refugees at the United Nations in 2016. The Hadhads have become ambassadors for newcomers to Canada and the Antigonish community.

Peace by Chocolate – Pansexual Flag

The Pride Bars are only available until the end of July, while supplies last, through the company’s website.