Pedicure in the park: new spa opening in Lily Lake Pavilion

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Pedicure in the park: new spa opening in Lily Lake Pavilion

Imagine: a day hike on the trails at Rockwood Park and a leisurely kayak on Lily Lake — followed by a relaxation massage in a spa overlooking one of Canada's largest urban parks.

That's precisely the idyllic experience visitors should be able to enjoy at Rockwood Park when the Inside Out Nature Centre opens this spring.

"I love Rockwood Park," said Wanda Hughes, the owner of the facility at the Lily Lake Pavilion. "We are so fortunate to have the Bay of Fundy and two incredible rivers and all these wonderful parks in our city."

Given Rockwood's proximity to the uptown, Hughes said, "there is so much opportunity to welcome both locals and visitors to experience the park."

Inside Out will offer more familiar services like nature programming for youth and seniors, including canoe, kayak, and other outdoor equipment rentals, as well as school programs according to Hughes.

"There are a lot of folks coming in to experience the park, including 800 girl guides coming in May and we're looking to be ready to accept those gals," she said.

Canoeing and kayaking on the lake, paddle and pedal boat rentals, and clinics on basic paddling will continue, she said.

The brand new addition will be "a wellness spa for the facility offering esthetic services, massage, yoga and meditation clinics, and other health and wellness activities."

A wellness spa jives with the "spectacular atmosphere" of Rockwood Park, Hughes said.

"It's a wonderful environment for wellness — looking after the inside of folks as well as the outside. Creating a wellness centre with a relaxed atmosphere in nature, offering relaxation massage and other activities, is a perfect fit."