People Are Calling Out The Things That Were "Ruined" When They Became Too Popular, And It's Wildly Accurate

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which things were "ruined" when they became too popular. Here are the fascinating results:

1."Superhero movies. Please, please slow down. I grew up with Marvel and have been a fan for 30-odd years, but I am BEGGING them to just take a bloody break. It isn't that the content is bad — I'm one of the people who loved The Marvels — but I think we would all be quite happy to let the genre have a little rest while they figure out what they want to do."

"And don’t get me started on DC rebooting reboots all over. Just stop. You’re not striking while the iron is hot; the iron is very cold, and we want something new and exciting."


Iman Vellani, Brie Larson, and Teyonah Parris in superhero costumes from the Marvel film "The Marvels," looking upwards
Laura Radford / Marvel / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

2."College! College became the standard, and now, it doesn't make you stand out from your peers. Companies like to see a master's or another sort of certification beyond a bachelor's degree."

"They also like to see at least two years of experience fresh out of college, but that's another issue."

—22, Connecticut

3."Tri-tip roast used to get it on sale for less than a dollar a pound (granted, quite a few years ago), but once it was discovered, the price went up rapidly — to now $8.00+ a pound."


A person is slicing a well-cooked steak into thin slices on a wooden cutting board
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4."Casual collecting or reselling culture. Once something becomes mildly popular, people always buy up the more rare or popular things."

"Look at the Stanley craze and Taylor Swift CDs being resold for 20x their value."


5."Pickleball. It started off as a relatively unknown sport that my husband and I discovered about 10 years ago. It was easy to learn, made for great exercise, and the equipment was inexpensive. Now, it's become the in thing because of so-called celebrities like the Kardashians taking an interest in it. Because of that, the cost of pickleball equipment has skyrocketed, with retailers getting on board with 'specialized pickleball gear' (which isn't even necessary BTW) — and pickleball courts are jammed with people trying to become 'pickleball pros' on social media."

"It's no longer fun for us because between having to fight for time on our local pickleball courts and having to spend way more on equipment, it stopped being worth it."

—50, New York

Two pickleball paddles rest against a net, with a bright green plastic ball in front of them on a court
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6."Specific dog breeds. This is an ongoing issue. Rabid GoT fans adopted huskies, then surrendered them to shelters when they couldn't care for them! Now, I'm hearing about people with French bulldogs getting attacked and their dogs stolen! If you want a canine companion, JUST GO TO A SHELTER!!!"


7."Stanley cups! The one I bought for less than $10 years and years ago had an unfortunate meeting with a fishing pond, and I thought, 'So sad, oh well. I’ll just Amazon me a new one.' Nope. Not for $40, I won’t."


"Water bottles. Ever since the Hydro Flask craze, it’s been extremely difficult to find a decent water bottle with good quality without influencers marketing it up and people going ballistic for a 'limited color' drop. Example: People camping out for the Stanley x Starbucks drops or Stanley x Target drops."


Several Stanley Quencher H2.0 Tumblers are displayed on a table with a floral-patterned tablecloth
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8."Nashville. My hometown is so congested now, it’s disgusting. The cost of living is higher now, too."

—30, USA

9."Liking kid's stuff. I mean, liking cartoons and collecting action figures or owning some plushies is fine. Disney Adults, Bronies, gatekeepers, collectors, etc., have taken over. A kid picks up Harry Potter, and instead of having a good mix of kids and teens and adults in the community, it's overrun by adults with excessive trivia knowledge, edging kids who just like the book out of the picture."

"We used to be able to coexist, now as a person who likes some Disney stuff, I’m stereotyped as one of those obsessive adults cutting in front of children in the line to meet Mickey. It’s become too popular for adults to like stuff meant for kids, and the adults have become too damn excessive about it! Kids aren’t allowed to enjoy anything anymore, and it’s sick. But, yeah, adults who like stuff meant for kids have carved out subcultures that spread like a virus and edged out the actual kids. Just let my little brother have a damn action figure, Chad! You bought three!"

—19, USA

An assortment of colorful My Little Pony toys, featuring various styles and poses, is densely packed together
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10."Tipping. It was only popular in the US, and while I’m a fan of globalization, the increase in tipping around the world is an unwanted side effect. People are expecting tips for everything at this point — even when they didn’t directly provide a service (e.g., self-checkouts at grocery shops asking for tips). Tips are not supposed to be mandatory; they are supposed to be optional for good service."

—27, Anonymous

11."Concert ticket prices nowadays are highway robbery, and that's not even counting the 'handling fee,' 'service fee,' and 'bleed you bloody dry' fee 😑."


"When I saw my favorite band for the first time, the ticket was £16.50 — though it was 2008. I’ve just paid €75 to see them next month, and yes, I said euros, not pounds; that’s not a mistake. In order to be able to afford to see them, I’m having to travel to Amsterdam for three days rather than pay for a ticket to see them in the UK 🤷🏼‍♀️."


People at a concert enjoying the music enthusiastically, many wearing hats and colorful outfits
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12."Social media/networking. I remember the early days of Myspace when social sites were just starting. We actually used the sites to network with friends. Nowadays, social media/networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, X, etc. are toxic, politically divided cesspools where people only care about likes and followers."

—32, California

13."Thrifting, especially clothes. Now, something that should be affordable and sustainable is more expensive and promotes overconsumption just as much as anything else. Big secondhand platforms are buying smaller ones and are running sales like fast-fashion websites. Don't get me wrong; buying used will always be more sustainable than buying new, especially from fast fashion — but constantly buying, selling, shipping, and warehousing — it doesn't feel like conscious shopping anymore."

"They're using the same high-pressure, FOMO, 'this will improve your life' flashy sales tactics as everyone else."


"Thrifting. Once people caught on to Depop, they started making a living skimming the best stuff. Then, the thrift stores caught on and started jacking up prices. What started as a way for low-income people to have decent clothes is now just another retail nightmare due to flippers."


Woman browsing clothes on a rack in a store. Various clothing styles are displayed
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14."Airbnb. They used to be fun and affordable. Now, they're all overpriced, and people are greedier than ever."


15."When I was a kid, the theme parks were not crowded. You didn't have long waits or high prices for everything. Now, with social media influencers, everything is not only extremely expensive, and now you have to wait in long lines for everything!"


Ferris wheel and swinging ride at an amusement park during sunset. Crowds of people are seen enjoying the fairground attractions
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16."A Nightmare Before Christmas. I used to watch that movie every Halloween and Christmas Day (and many times in between) because I loved that it blended my two favorite holidays, and I think Tim Burton is a genius. However, seeing Jack Skellington everywhere, ALL THE TIME, is just too much. Some people treat that movie like a religion, and it just totally ruined it for me."


17."Subscriptions for every damn thing, so you basically own nothing anymore. Microsoft Office? Annual subscription; must renew. Antivirus software? Annual subscription; must renew. Streaming platforms? Monthly subscription; must renew...with caveats! Pay for a cheaper plan with ads or a more expensive one without! No in-between. Every time I have to renew something, I always think to myself, 'I'd like to tell XYZ company where they can shove their subscription policy...'"

"Speaking streaming platforms — they've ruined TV and the experience of getting invested in a show. It used to be a guarantee that a show would last a good few seasons and at least be given the opportunity to conclude itself if it was being yanked. Now, we might get introduced to a brilliant new series only to end on a bloody cliffhanger, and then it gets canceled without any rhyme or reason. What's the point?!"


A hand is pointing at a blurred TV screen displaying various streaming options
Nanci Santos / Getty Images

18."The Internet, the moment AOL (aka America Online) threw open its previously locked doors and unleashed millions of end users who cared not a whit for Netiquette in a comparatively calm, respectful world populated mostly by academics and scientists. Oh, yes, AOL had its place — AOL chatrooms were legendary — but a certain culture of openness and genuineness on the Internet was lost."


19."Casual crafting. With the rise of things like Etsy, you can't just craft anymore. If you make something cute or fun to share with others, everyone thinks it should be your side hustle. I don't want to sell things; I want to enjoy the peace of making something by hand. Crafting is allowed to exist as a way to relax!"


Person painting a ceramic cup with pastel stripes, focused and wearing an apron in a pottery studio with other ceramics on shelves
Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao / Getty Images

20."K-pop. It was nice and fun before, but like most things, fandoms took over and turned it into a hobby I don't like to admit I enjoy out loud."

"Also, most Asian/Black/Southern foods that used to be cheap comfort meals are discovered by those with more money being turned into expensive 'Instagram-esque' foods. TURKEY LEGS SHOULDN'T BE $12 AT THE STORE."


21."Tacos and tequila! These days restaurants have 20 kinds of tacos and a separate tequila shot menu. Just bring me some authentic, delicious tacos and the house tequila, please!"


Three tacos filled with ground beef, diced mango, red onions, cilantro, and chili peppers on a green plate with lime wedges, a drink, and a bowl of sliced onions
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22."Spin-offs! Now, everything is in an extended universe, and there are so many things you're expected to watch to follow one main storyline, and I'm so tired. I have a job, I have a life, and I have to sleep; I want to watch a show or a movie to relax, not to be told, 'Oh, you'll appreciate this more if you watch these seven different episodes from eight different shows because there's one line that makes this so much more powerful.'"

"I know spin-offs have always existed — and one of my favorite shows is a spin-off! — but right now, it feels like that's all that gets made anymore."


23."The term' red flag.' It used to mean something, and now, it seems like something people throw around to mean something they don't like. I recently heard someone say that 'giving homework is a red flag,' which I'm pretty sure does not mean 'if a professor gives homework, then that's a warning that this professor is not a good professor,' since at least where I go to school, some departments mandate that professors give homework (which, let's be honest, is pretty gross) — and even if it's not mandated, professors often give homework because we just don't have time in class for everything, including going through problems. We're most likely already behind on our curriculum."

"I've also heard people say that a potential partner not being obsessed with everything they're obsessed with and hating everything that they hate (including minor things, like 'I hate olives on pizza, but you only sort of dislike it? Such a red flag') is a 'red flag,' which, I don't know, seems a bit of a misuse of the term? So, maybe the term 'red flag' itself isn't bad, but now people just use it to describe everything they don't agree with, from actual signs of moral failures to having differing preferences on minor things."

—22, California

A red flag waves gently on a pole against a backdrop of a clear ocean and blue sky
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24."Camping. I've camped my whole life, and I love it. I truly encourage others to do so. Then, camping and RVing became insanely popular in 2020. Now, it's next to impossible to find camping reservations less than six months ahead of time, and the rich, entitled people have changed the atmosphere of the campground. Not to mention, the prices have doubled because these people want campground resorts with perfect WiFi."

—41, Colorado

And finally...

25."Air travel. When I was younger, I thought everyone should travel more. Now that air travel has become super popular and the airlines try to squish as many people on board as possible, flying has become unbearable. Seats have become smaller and closer together, meal and drink service has taken a nose dive, we're charged for bags, and people who don't understand basic flying etiquette think people are being 'rude' to them when they act extremely entitled."

"For example, if you’re tall, you need to be a responsible adult and pay for a seat that will provide you with extra legroom, not harass the poor old lady in front of you who needs to use the recline feature she paid for because she’s had back surgery and is in pain. If you’re a parent, you need to plan ahead and book seats adjacent to your children. It’s not OK to book cheap seats and then harass people to trade seats. Carry-on luggage goes above your seat. You don’t throw it in the first-class bins and walk to the back of the plane. It’s not ok to rush ahead of people in the rows ahead of you when deplaning. ... I could go on, but it’s mostly inconsiderate people who like to flip the script and call others inconsiderate, and it’s exhausting."

—49, Anonymous

Person reclining in an airplane seat with legs extended over the empty seats in front, showing their sock-covered feet. Seats and screens are visible
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