'People have to be confronted with it in daily life': What Truth and Reconciliation can learn from Germany's Holocaust remembrance

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    The Fact Jack
    Apples and oranges. No comparison.
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    Imagine that, the comparison is ludicrous, the author of the article could not fly her leftist, socialist flag any higher.
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    Residential schools for Indians were no different than residential schools for whites, and millions of white kids went to residential schools.

    Apparently the Indians agree with Mark Twain that soap and an education are the surest way to kill an Indian.

    QUOTE I said the next surest thing for an Indian was soap and education. Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run; because a half-massacred Indian may recover, but if you educate him and wash him, it is bound to finish him some time or other. END QUOTE

    Mark Twain
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    yes, residential schools were horrible and atrocities were committed. the legislation that made that possible still exists, the Indian Act. Natives are still forced to live in ghettos called reserves and are given money by everyone else.

    if you want healing to start, the indiant act needs to be removed and natives need to be treated as equals under the law. that means no more ghettos and ALSO no more special status. no more money - reparations have been paid and it is time to move on.

    also, the Nazi's lost a war and Canada did not. Nazi concentration camps were forced labour camps that killed millions. residential schools were very evil, but not quite on the same level. families were still ripped apart and children were abused but genocide is a whole other crime.
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    And this is the plan. Bankrupt Canada for a fake holocaust, just as they did Germany.
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    So sending Indians to school was just like the square head butchers killing 6 million Jews? Does anyone not see the ludicrousness in this? I wondering if basing payout amounts on uncorroborated statements didn't lead to more fiction than truth.
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    The Jews have completely hijacked the Nazi race purification program. If it had been completely successful it would have eliminated all the Roma, homosexuals, Slavs and probably many other ethnic groups. But at the first opportunity there's a Jew standing up to compare utterly unrelated examples of aggression to their part in the Nazi slaughter - which of course, we have to see as the most important aspect. The Holocaust. What a stupid term. It actually means 'self burning'. Where did that come from? Jews, shut up. If you had any idea how so many of us are sick of your posturing as victims...
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    here we go again ,TYPICAL JEW PROPAGANDA just in time for christmas
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    What about the Palestine PEOPLE WHO are still being killed to this day by the JEWS there is no mention of that ,the writer of this article should get history lessons first before posting LIES ON THE INTER NET ,
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    Reading the comments on this post just help to elucidate the importance of education and awareness of this. Residential schools are not something that happened in the past, the effects will be felt for generations. Many of you have no idea what it is like to be taken away from your family or to have your children taken away from you and to realize that you may never see them again. Many thousands of children died at residential school. They were given scraps for meals and were beaten for talking to their brothers and sisters. The last residential school closed in the 90's and so parents of residential school survivors deal with guilt, and survivors deal with grief from the loss of friends and family. Inter-generational effects are very real. Imagine if someone took you away from your life and forced you to speak another language, beat you and in some cases sexually assaulted you? Could you really just "get over it?" move on? get real! before making comments, be empathetic...consider how you would deal with the things First Nation's have had to deal with?