People left stunned by photo of Princess Charlotte shared on 9th birthday

Prince William and Princess Catherine have shared a new photo of their daughter, Princess Charlotte, with the world on her 9th birthday.

People applauded the simplicity of the photo taken by Catherine and the casualness of the outfit Charlotte was wearing. And some couldn’t believe just how much Charlotte resembles her father, the future King of England.

“William said copy and paste,” one commenter wrote.

“Truly! She’s his mini all the way,” another added.

Others took notice of the princess’s casual demeanor and laid-back style. “Love how simply she is dressed here,” a commenter said. “Gorgeous photo.”

“Happy 9th Birthday, Princess Charlotte!” the proud parents shared on Instagram. “Thank you for all of the kind messages today.”

Just a few days ago, Prince William pulled inspiration from his “mini me” when asked to produce a “dad joke” for the students he was visiting that day.

“I think what I’ll do is I’m going to say a joke that is Charlotte’s favorite joke at the moment that she keeps telling me,” he told the students. “You’re going to have to interact with me. It’s not a joke I can say straight away.”

“Knock, Knock,” the prince said. “Who’s there,” they responded. “Interrupting cow,” the prince added.

But before the students could answer with the traditional, “Interrupting cow who?” The prince quickly interjected with a quick, “Moo!”

The joke was a hit, proving that Charlotte is the comical one in the family.