Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's Break-Up Is Too Hot for SNL

There are angry tweets and cancelled sketches.

Up until recently, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were one of the highest profile celebrity couples that made people go, "Wait, them?" Sadly, their engagement is now over, and it's so definitively done that they're covering up their couple-inspired tattoos. And in a promo for Saturday's new episode with host Jonah Hill, Davidson makes light of his recent split with a faux proposal to musical guest Maggie Rogers.

Grande, for her part, didn't find it funny. She replied in a series of now-deleted tweets cataloged by Slate:

“for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh”

“thank u, next”

She also re-posted a tweet calling out the show, captioning it “hell naw tho."

That last tweet was apparently pretty prescient. According to Vulture, a planned sketch about Grande and Davidson's engagement has now been scrapped from Saturday's show. Davidson reportedly wanted to pull the plug after realizing how upset Grande was over the promo. Maybe they'll revive it once the dust settles—or maybe Ariana Grande can just hijack it for herself the next time she's the musical guest.

UPDATE: Half an hour before this week's episode of SNL, Grande released a new song called "Thank u, next." It's not quite a diss track though--she namedrops Davidson and her ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller, thanking them both for helping her grow. You can stream the song here.

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