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Hippo Saves Gnu From Croc

One of the biggest hippos protects the gnu as it makes its way back to the shoreline, guarding it from any further attacks. (Caters News/Vadim Onishchenko)

Hippo saves gnu from crocodile

This is the amazing moment a heroic hippo saved a gnu from certain death. After being bitten by a crocodile, the large antelope is seen being dragged slowly under the water. Captured whilst on safari in Masai Mara in Kenya, the exhausted antelope later managed to escape to safety.

But in a miraculous turn of events, a nearby hippo is seen making its way across the water to help the animal in its hour of need. After chasing the giant croc away, the unlikely hero is then seen guarding the creature and even nudges the gnu to the edge of the river in effort to move it out of harms way. (Caters News)

Photography by Vadim Onishchenko

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