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FILE: Tenth Anniversary Of September 11 Approaches

ARLINGTON, VA - SEPTEMBER 14, 2001: A military helicopter flies in front of the Pentagon at the impact site where a hijacked airliner crashed into the building September 14, 2001 in Arlington, Virginia. This September 11 marks ten years since members of Al Qaeda hijacked four planes, attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and crashing one in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing nearly 3,000 people in all. The effects continue to resonate across the global political landscape, as the United States concluded a nearly decade-long search for Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, killing him in May 2011, and struggles to wind down two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Photo by Stephen J. Boitano/Getty Images)

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Memorial site for 9/11 attack on Pentagon