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Toddler directs nanny in photoshoot

Nanny Alex Neary and her charge, two-and-a-half-year-old Henry, pose for photos. For more of Neary's work, visit www.wildeyed.ca.

Toddler directs nanny in photo shoots

Alex Neary, a Toronto-based photographer and nanny to two-year-old Henry, has combined her two roles into one precious project. At the behest of her charge one day, she snapped his photo, and then posed as he did, then took a photo of herself. It inspired the photo series #henrysconcepts, which have gained a popular following on Instagram, as Neary documents Henry's creative vision on her iPhone. For more of Neary's photos (including those not taken or directed by a toddler), visit her website www.wildeyed.ca.