Physics student awarded for fixing CT scanner

The Cancer Treatment Centre in P.E.I. is crediting the work of a UPEI physics student for helping improve the treatment of some of their patients.

Logan Montgomery, a third-year physics student, spent last summer on a co-op program at the cancer centre in Charlottetown. He was asked to have a look at a CT scanner typically used to track the movement of a small lung tumours.

"There was an error that was being generated that they weren't really sure the cause of," said Montgomery.

"My project was essentially just to look into that."

Montgomery first had to find out how accurate the scanner was. Then he reprogrammed the system to better detect the movement of the tumours.

Bill Whelan, the physics co-op director at UPEI, said Montgomery's work shows how important the co-op program is.

"In Logan's case he was able to work at the Cancer Treatment Center, work on a real challenge that they were facing, and was able to come up with a better approach that will ultimately improve patient care in the province," said Whelan.

While the award from the centre is nice, said Montgomery, knowing he has helped future patients at the centre is the real reward.

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