Pink Moon to follow Lyrid meteor shower in double treat for NI stargazers

NI stargazers could be in for a double treat in the coming nights, with both a meteor shower and a Pink Moon overhead.

The Lyrid meteor shower occurs at this time of year annually - this year it peaks on the nights of 22 and 23 April.

The full Pink Moon follows on 24 April at 21:33 BST, the fourth full moon of 2024.

A lot depends on the weather, as clear skies are necessary to get a good view of each natural phenomenon.

The best places for doing that are in rural locations with as little light pollution as possible.

The good news is that some clear spells are expected over the next couple of nights, which should also be dry.

However, when the approaching full moon is in the night sky, it can hamper viewing due to its own illumination but should be quite low.

If you are thinking of heading out to catch a glimpse, get a comfortable spot and stare up into the night sky.

Also, allow time for your eyes to adjust and try to find a spot where the sky is not obscured.

With a bit of luck you may spot 18 to 20 meteors per hour, if conditions are right.

The next couple of nights area also going to be chilly, especially Tuesday night, so make sure to wrap up warmly.