Primate running loose in Colleton County as officials try and recapture animal

A primal animal, or ape, is on the loose in the Lowcountry, the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office said. The sheriff’s office and animal control are attempting to get the animal back with its owner.

The sheriff’s office tweeted about the incident around 11 a.m. Friday, but the animal had been out since Thursday, when it escaped from its owner. The office did not know how to describe what type of ape it was, but said it was a larger ape.

The office alerted the public after it heard of a video circulating on Facebook about the animal walking along a street. Officials warned that people should not approach the animal as it makes their job more difficult. They said they had gotten the animal away from residential areas in a wooded part just outside city limits.

There are no reports of it being aggressive, the sheriff’s office added.

Sightings can be reported to the sheriff’s office at (843)549-2211. This is a developing story.