Professional prop maker shares list of ‘mind-blowing’ movie-making secrets: ‘I never would’ve known’

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A professional prop maker is going viral for his series of behind-the-scenes facts.

Scott Reeder is a career prop master who’s worked on TV shows like “Friday Night Lights,” “The Leftovers” and “Walker, Texas Ranger,” as well as movies like “Machete” and “Friday the 13th.”

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Now, he’s sharing his decades of industry secrets on TikTok — and earning millions of views in the process.

His clips usually center on facts about TV props and how they’re made. For example: his video on how to make “silent” grocery bags.

His “silent props” video, which has more than 10 million views, explains that TV shows and movies use nylon bags to cut down noise. They also use painted racquetballs to create “noiseless” pool tables.

In another video, Reeder shows how to make lightweight books, which come in handy when actors are throwing them or getting hit by a falling bookshelf.

As the prop master explains, the process involves ripping out a real book’s pages and filling it with upholstery foam. Then, he cuts out a photo of a book’s pages and pastes it onto the foam.

Reeder has plenty of other videos too, where he dives into props like breakaway glass, artificial food and fake babies.

TikTok users have shared their amazement throughout Reeder’s page, calling his knowledge “amazing” and “mind-blowing.”

“I never would’ve known,” one user commented on his fake baby video.

“This was better than anything I could’ve wished for,” another wrote on his food TikTok.

“Everything I know is a lie!” another added to his silent prop video.

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