"Project 2025" — AKA Far-Right Conservatives' Plan For Next Year — Is Going Viral For These 10 Terrifying Reasons

"Project 2025" — AKA Far-Right Conservatives' Plan For Next Year — Is Going Viral For These 10 Terrifying Reasons

We're officially five months away from the 2024 presidential election, and far-right conservatives are vowing to make unprecedented changes to the US government if a conservative president is elected in November.

Donald Trump speaks at a podium wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat
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Project 2025 — a far-right conservative plan to "build now for a conservative victory through policy, personnel, and training" under a conservative president in 2025 — has gone viral for its nearly 1,000-page list of alarming policies that will impact generations of Americans.


Project 2025 is led by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative organization based in Washington, DC.

Representative Jasmine Crockett recently went viral for sharing her take on Project 2025 on the House floor. She described it as a "playbook for authoritarianism."

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But what does Project 2025 actually plan to do? Let's take a deep dive and highlight 10 major ways this plan could impact us all. Under Project 2025:

1.The Department of Education would no longer exist.

Exterior of U.S. Department of Education building with windows and sign

2.Access to abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol would be removed nationwide.

A hand holding a pill and a capsule with a pregnancy test and a water glass in the background

3.The US military would be deployed as law enforcement.

Soldiers in camouflage uniforms stand in a line with hands clasped behind their backs. The image focuses on the lower halves of their bodies

4.Protections for LGBTQ+ families would be removed to center a traditional Christian view of marriage.

Two adults and their child sit on the steps of a house surrounded by moving boxes and chairs. They are smiling and appear relaxed

5.Birth control would become more difficult to obtain.

Person holding a blister pack of tablets while sitting, partially covered by a patterned blanket

6.The FBI would no longer be allowed to combat the spread of "misinformation" or "disinformation."

An FBI agent in a jacket with "FBI" in yellow letters works on a laptop

7.Climate change and renewable energy priorities would be removed from the Department of Agriculture.

A farmer walks through a vast, neatly planted cornfield checking the crops. The horizon is visible in the background

8.The Department of Homeland Security would be dismantled.

A police officer with "POLICE ICE" on his back stands in a busy public area. Many people are around, some blurred and walking past

9.Diversity and inclusion programs within government agencies would be cut.

Four people engaged in a discussion are seated in a room with plants, laptops, and books around them. They appear to be happy and focused

And finally...

10.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be downsized.

Sign reading "United States Environmental Protection Agency" on the exterior of a building with stone walls and large windows

Here's the full Project 2025 layout to read for yourself.