Proof ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ Is About Matty Healy? Receipts of Him Talking About Charlie Puth

Surprise! The Tortured Poets Department is (1) a double album and (2) mostly about Matty Healy. Which means Joe Alwyn can sleep well tonight!

While there might be some initial surprise that Taylor wrote so many songs about Matty—who she only publicly dated for about two months in 2023—there’s a ton of evidence that make it clear he was top of mind when writing these lyrics. Take the album’s title track, The Tortured Poets Department, where Tay randomly name-checks Charlie Puth:

You smokеd, then ate seven bars of chocolate
We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist
I scratch your head, you fall asleep
Like a tattooed golden retriever

First of all, lol at Charlie waking up this morning to find himself trending:

But about that very specific Charlie Puth reference. Turns out, Matty gave Charlie a shout-out back in 2018, and Charlie responded:

Meanwhile, “Chocolate” is the name of a The 1975 song just in case you’re looking for more Matty Healy references to tie this whole thing together. And speaking of Matty, please be advised that Taylor dropped a Tortured Poets Department QR code at a LONDON brewery called “Truman Black.” And whomst goes by the alias Truman Black on Instagram? That’d be Matty.

Anyway, tough day to be Matty Healy—who, reminder, went on a mid-show rant back in February and said, “Do not come for me. Trust me. You know who I’m talking to. Honestly, you know who you are. I’m as mental as I seem. I have the receipts. Don’t fuck with me. Trust me.”

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