Quebec Liberal Party names Marc Tanguay as interim leader

Quebec Liberal Party names Marc Tanguay as interim leader

Quebec MNA Marc Tanguay has been named as the provincial Liberal Party's interim leader, after former leader Dominique Anglade stepped down earlier this week.

Tanguay has been the MNA for the Montreal riding of LaFontaine since 2012 and has been Official Opposition House Leader.

He said he is also considering running as a candidate for the party leadership. André Fortin, the Liberal MNA for Pontiac and a former interim leader of the party, has said he, too, is considering running in the leadership race.

Until recently, the way the Liberal party had interpreted its constitution did not allow for interim party leaders to run for the party leadership; the idea being that realigning the party should be the interim leader's focus, not preparing a campaign. But a recent change now permits it.

In a news conference Thursday, Tanguay said he has not yet fully considered whether to run for the leader position yet.

"If people decide: 'That Tanguay holds his word. He's there to serve the party and doesn't seem like he's using the interim leadership as a way to get the leadership…' but honestly my period of reflection about it is not done," Tanguay said.

WATCH | Marc Tanguay describes the Liberals' role in the coming years:

Anglade announced her decision on Monday, a little over a month after the provincial election, where her party secured a little under 15 per cent of the popular vote — the lowest vote share in its history — but held on to Official Opposition status.

Anglade said the issues facing Quebec were too important to have an Official Opposition that's "torn."

Anglade had won the leadership through acclamation after her only rival dropped out of the race.

Few party veterans remain. Prior to the provincial election, more than a dozen Quebec Liberals left politics, including mainstays like David Birnbaum, Kathleen Weil, and Carlos Leitao.

A permanent leader isn't expected to be chosen until next year. The committee is in charge of setting the rules for the race will meet on Nov. 21.