Quebec ski season off to a strong start thanks to early snowfall

Cold temperatures combined with the unusually early snowfall have made for a strong start to Quebec's ski season this year.

"What's pretty unusual is to have snow all over the place on the ground," said Simon Pagé, guest services director for Sommet Saint-Sauveur.

"The enthusiasm of the people is really there right now," he said. "The quality of the man-made snow is really impressive now, but for sure, when we have real snow, it's really amazing."

Sommet Saint-Sauveur was the first ski resort to open in Quebec this season, with people hitting the slopes there as of Nov. 8.

Matt D'Amours/CBC

There are currently seven ski locations open across the province, with a total of 12 expected to be open by next week.

The Turpin family drove from Ottawa to ski at Saint-Sauveur for their first outing on the slopes this weekend.

"We go with whatever mother nature gives us," said Louis Turpin. "There's not much that stops us in terms of the weather."