All of the Questions We Have About That Photo of Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice at Coachella

So there I was on Sunday, minding my own business. Then, suddenly, I saw it.

Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice stun in new #Coachella photo,” it read.

As happens with so many monumental pieces of breaking news, it was on PopCrave. My mind spun. Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice? America’s sweetheart and its most captivating reality-star-slash-ex-con? Blondie and this Tree?

I raced over to Instagram, where I was both horrified and delighted to learn that not only was this not the deranged Photoshop creation of some uniquely beautiful mind, but it had been posted by Teresa’s husband himself, Louie Ruelas.

Ruelas captioned the photo: “Two absolute QUEENS, Taylor Swift and my stunning wife.”

He then used the hashtags: #girlpower #queens #blessed #coachella #doitlive #vinivia

And sure, Taylor is more of a pop culture icon than Tre, but let’s not downplay our Queen of New Jersey’s relevance.

Naturally, an event this momentous, this delightfully baffling, this pop-culture-defining has sparked a lot of questions for us at Glamour.

Here they are, in literally the order that they came into our brains:

Who noticed who first?

Did Taylor know who Teresa was?

Did Teresa say, “Taylor, hi, I’m from Real Housewives?”

Has Taylor ever seen a Real Housewife?

We can’t discount the possibility of Taylor approaching Teresa and asking for a photo, right?

How long did it take before Teresa mentioned her daughters (“dorters”)?

Which girl, if any, did Teresa mention first to Taylor? (Gia, right? Has to be.)

Has Taylor ever heard Gia’s song?

Where does Taylor stand on sprinkle cookies?

What is Tre's favorite Taylor song (“Blank Space,” right?)

Wait…did Teresa seek out Taylor? Was this all planned? Is she a “Mastermind”?

Who took the photo? Louie? Travis?

Did Travis know who Teresa was?

Did he say, “Hey, nice cowboy hat?” Because that seems like something he would say.

How many photos did presumably Louie take of the pair?

Is there a thus-far unreleased group photo?

Did they stand around talking after this?

They then enjoyed the show in the same vicinity. Did they make any more contact?

How did Melissa find out?

Was it Popcrave? It was Popcrave, wasn’t it?

How mad is Melissa?

And finally…

Will this be mentioned on the show next year? Please, Andy, say yes.

Stephanie McNeal is a senior editor at Glamour and the author of Swipe Up for More! Inside the Unfiltered Lives of Influencers

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