Quiz: Do you know these famous Canadian women?

  • D
    As a Governor General A. Clarkson was an appointed government official NOT a politician. She was just as well known as an television journalist
  • l
    What? No Laura Secord??
  • J
    It's splitting hairs to tell whether Nellie McClung was a politician or an activist. They're both right!
  • B
    The poll is wrong, according Wiki, Nelly McClung was an Author, and activist, and a politician, famous for furthering womens rights. Yet Author and activist give you wrong answers, It is exactly the same for Abigail Maphail. There was only one woman on here who i didn't know, and yet, somehow I got 3 wrong answers.
  • i
    I only know Margaret Trudope when she was at the Rolling Stones concert in Toronto flashing her bush front it was then all over those mags
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    The definition of famous, is someone who is well known. many of these aren't well known.
  • D
    The "politician" answer about Clarkson is wrong. The GG is not a political post but ceremonial. Prior she was a journalist.
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    I only got 4 out of 10 ; maybe these women aren't all that famous. The one's I did get were the politicians except Emily Carr. Now her I know !
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    Mark Astoforoff
    The only reason Kim Campbell was pm was becuz Muldoon didn't have the balls to finish his second term.
  • A
    No, I don't care.