What you don't see on Race Across the World

Race Across the World's reunion will show some of the behind the scenes magic

Race Across the World's Owen pictured on the show
What you don't see on Race Across the World. (Studio Lambert)

Here are some of the moments that you don't see on Race Across the World.

As the Race Across the World final approaches, the BBC has unveiled its plan to share some of the magic that brings to life one of the best reality TV shows in the reunion episode airing on Wednesday. It is the first time ever that the BBC have given a glimpse into the eight-week filming process that takes the contestants on the trek across seven countries from Japan to Indonesia.

In the teaser for the reunion, the narrator said: "A more practical necessity of race life was being followed by the film crew every step of the way. And for the first time we reveal the arduous endeavour of life behind the scenes."

We take a look at what the Race Across the World stars have shared with Yahoo about filming the show...

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In the penultimate episode, Race Across the World fans saw sobbing James ask the cameraman for a hug after discussing his sister Betty's life-changing health condition MRKH which means she doesn't have a uterus and can't have children.

Fellow Race contestant Viv revealed the film crew become "family" so she didn't worry about getting vulnerable on camera and even shedding a few tears, including the time when she got tearful reflecting on her stroke.

"You're with your film crew almost as long as we are together," she said. "Some nights we had to share a room with them but because you're with them, they actually become your friends and you're baring your soul to them. You don't think about the millions of people that you're baring your soul to as well. It's literally just the little family of your camera crew."

Race Across The World's Stephen and Viv look downcast during the race. (Studio Lambert)
Race Across The World's Stephen and Viv look downcast during the race. (Studio Lambert)

Stephen and Viv revealed they had to turn down money during the race in scenes that aren't shown on camera. Often on the BBC show, the contestants will have to ask for help and rely on the kindness of strangers to help get them to their next checkpoint.

Viv said: "Sometimes we didn't even have to ask for help. Sometimes they saw us. Sometimes we were crying. They would come over and offer help. It’s amazing, the help that they did offer."

Stephen added: "Some people tried to give us money! That’s not allowed. And we couldn’t accept it. They were literally so good everywhere every country. It is heartwarming. It is a feel good show."

The kindness of strangers stunned the retired couple while they were competing on the BBC show. Stephen said: "We regularly get asked what was the best bit? What was the best place you went to? It’s a hard one to answer but singularly the people we met every country were so nice. So supportive. Friendly. Welcoming. Just lovely."

Race Across The World's best friends Owen and Alfie
Race Across The World's best friends Owen and Alfie. (Studio Lambert)

Owen confessed he was surprised by how hard taking part in Race Across the World is and one of the things you don't see on the BBC show is how many times the contestants have had to ask for help from strangers.

He said: "You just really don't get a sense of how tough it is just watching it on TV."

Summing it up, Owen added: "They only show when something goes right. So it looks like we've gone up to the first person we've seen, asked for help and they've been able to help. When in fact, we've spent an hour or two hours before that asking 20 other people who haven't been able to help us.

"So it makes it look like a lot of it does go our way. The amount of effort that goes in behind the scenes, it really doesn't get portrayed on the show which is quite frustrating because you put all that work and then they only show the good bit."

Watch Race Across the World's final on BBC1 on Wednesday at 9pm and the reunion at 10.40pm.