Race Across the World crowns 2024 winners

race across the world season 4 finalists
Race Across the World crowns 2024 winnersStudio Lambert - BBC

Race Across the World spoilers follow.

Race Across the World has crowned the winners of its 2024 season.

Tonight's (May 29) episode saw the race across Eastern Asia conclude, with 20-year-old friends Alfie and Owen arriving first at the final checkpoint in Lombok, Indonesia — making them the youngest ever winners of the show.

The final leg of the journey began in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, with Alfie and Owen leading mother and daughter duo, Eugenie and Isabel, by just 12 minutes.

race across the world season 4 winners alfie and owen
BBC One / Studio Lambert

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Despite making up good time during the leg, Alfie and Owen encountered a challenge when they arrived on the island of Lombok, as they realised they had to catch a boat to another island to receive their final instructions.

The pair then discovered that the island is only accessible by boat during the day, so they were forced to wait until the morning before continuing their journey.

Their delay meant that Eugenie and Isabel could close the gap, with the teams coming head-to-head as they waited for boats to Gili Meno.

race across the world season 4 winners alfie and owen
BBC One / Studio Lambert

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The teams managed to secure boats in the morning, departing just seconds apart from one another. Alfie and Owen disembarked first and received a message instructing them to head to a beach near the Masjid Mosque.

After sprinting across the beach, the friends reached the guest book first — with Eugenie and Isabel arriving eight minutes later.

Brother and sister duo, Betty and James, came in third, with married couple Stephen and Viv finishing in fourth place — 30 hours and 20 minutes behind the winners.

race across the world season 4 finalists
Studio Lambert - BBC

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Reflecting on the victory, Owen said: "We came, and we saw, and we succeeded," with Alfie adding: "Best moment of our lives. Undeniably. Can't believe it."

The latest series of the continent-hopping production is officially the most widely-watched BBC Factual title of 2024 so far, with over 7 million households tuning in to watch its opening two episodes over a 28-day period on BBC iPlayer.

Race Across the World airs at 9pm on Wednesday nights on BBC One, and streams on BBC iPlayer. A fifth season has been confirmed.

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