Race Across the World season 4 sees first elimination

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Race Across the World s4 sees first eliminationStudio Lambert - BBC

Race Across the World season 4 episode 3 spoilers follow.

Race Across the World's fourth season finally aired its first elimination, three episodes in, as the slowest team's journey came to an end.

In another change, the teams were told that the race wouldn't continue from the Sokcho checkpoint, as it was "not possible" to travel through China, so everyone had to fly to Hanoi in Vietnam, and go from there to the checkpoint in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Mother and daughter duo Sharon and Bridie have been in last place twice, and endeavoured to start splashing the cash to avoid getting eliminated.

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Studio Lambert - BBC
race across the world episode 3 alfie and owen
Studio Lambert - BBC

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Three of the teams got trains, not realising the Vietnamese rail system is incredibly slow, with Alfie and Owen, and Stephen and Viv on 24-hour ones, while Sharon and Bridie caught a 36-hour one.

The other two teams caught buses instead, and it led to brother and sister duo Betty and James catching up with last episode's first-placers Eugenie and Isabel. James tried to tell "a little white lie" to the other team to throw them off, but Betty called him out on it.

Both Alfie and Owen and Stephen and Viv took time out of the race for themselves, but while the married couple enjoyed a relaxing mud bath, Alfie took the opportunity to set off a lantern on the water of Hoi An, as a tribute to his late mother.

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At the third checkpoint, Alfie and Owen arrived first for the first time, while Eugenie and Isabel were second. Betty and James were once again third.

The next day, the next two teams arrived. Despite splashing the cash on the taxi to the checkpoint, Sharon and Bridie were last, and were eliminated.

"Unfortunately, someone's got to go, and it was our time," Sharon said to camera, with the duo admitting to their fellow racers that they found this leg of the race really hard.

However, they really enjoyed their time together, with Isabel noting that they had bonded with each other more than she has with her own mother so far.

Race Across the World airs Wednesday nights at 9pm on BBC One, and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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