Radio Host Reveals Wife's Devastating 'Incomplete Miscarriage,' Says Texas Hospital Kept Sending Her Home

The Texas-based radio host detailed his wife's harrowing experience on X, formerly known as Twitter

<p> Ryan Hamilton/X</p> Ryan Hamilton and wife

Ryan Hamilton/X

Ryan Hamilton and wife

Ryan Hamilton is speaking out after he and his wife experienced a distressing situation at a Texas hospital.

The Texas-based radio DJ shared his story on X, formally known as Twitter, recounting his pregnant wife's harrowing experience after they went to the emergency room to discover why she had "severe pains & bleeding."

"There, it was discovered that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. Devastated doesn't come close to what that feels like," Hamilton wrote. "Unfortunately for people like us, because of the current laws in the state of Texas, that was only the beginning of this nightmare."

"Jess (my wife) had an 'incomplete miscarriage', and what needed to happen, what was best for HER, and her health, was to terminate the pregnancy, and get the baby out," he continued. "The doctor gave her a medication that would move this process along, and sent her home. Where, apparently we would be handling it ourselves. We were told it might take a couple of attempts before it worked."

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Hamilton shared that after a long, painful night that he equated to "early labor," the baby was still with her. The couple decided to return to the emergency room for a second dose, where a new doctor — an older man — was on call.

"You could hear him in the hallway as he said, 'I'm not giving her a pill so she can go home and have an ab*rtion!' Being well aware that our baby no longer had a heartbeat," Hamilton continued. "Then, he came into the room to say, and I quote: 'Considering the current stance. I'm not going to prescribe you this pill.' Then, just sent us on our way."

"No one should ever have to hear their wife say: 'Get this dead baby out of me!' " the radio personality wrote. "Can you even imagine how that must feel?"

Jess' pain and bleeding continued, so the couple decided to go to another hospital, which Hamilton notes was about an hour away. The doctor on call was a woman, which the two hoped would give them better luck.

"So we get to the next hospital. They take Jess in, ask her a bunch of questions, do a new scan... confirm that the baby is still there, with no heartbeat, and then disappear... for hours," Hamilton shared.

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of woman in hospital.


Stock image of woman in hospital.

"Only to come back in and keep asking the same questions over and over. It's becoming clear that they're [sic] primary concern is NOT my wife's health. Instead, they seem to be worried about the legalities involved."

"So, they decide it is not 'enough of an emergency' to perform the D & C," he said, referring to a procedure called dilatation and curettage. "They do, however, prescribe another, stronger, final dose of the medication for us to try again... at home."

"So, we go home to try again. Another long day/night of early labor pains. Only to discover my wife UNCONSCIOUS in the bathroom," Hamilton recalled. "Having to pick my wife's cold, limp body off of that bathroom floor, not sure if I was about to lose her, is something I will NEVER forget."

Jess had to be rushed to the hospital. Because she had lost so much blood and bodily fluid, her body gave out. Luckily, the doctors were able to stabilize her, and give her the fluids she needed, and the two were allowed to return home. The doctors also confirmed that the baby was no longer with her.

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of woman in hospital.


Stock image of woman in hospital.

"Now, not only do we have to live with the loss of our baby... we have to live with the nightmare of what we just experienced because of political and religious beliefs," Hamilton wrote. "MY WIFE'S HEALTH SHOULD HAVE COME FIRST. PERIOD!"

In the thread on X, several people voiced their concern and outrage at the situation, including actor Mark Hamill, who wrote, "Tragic news. 💔 I know your pain from personal experience, so hang in there, Ryan, it will get better."

Mia Farrow also commented, writing, "Im so very sorry for the loss of your baby and for the nightmare you and your wife were put through at an already terrible time 💔 ."

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