RaeLynn Revisits Her Early Teen Years in Heartwarming Music Video for 'Funny Girl' (Exclusive)

"I always felt loved and accepted. I just felt like the odd man out sometimes. Those performance shots, it felt very full-circle for me," the country star says

  • RaeLynn looks back at her teen years in the video for "Funny Girl"

  • "I always felt loved and accepted. I just felt like the odd man out sometimes," the country star tells PEOPLE

  • RaeLynn will be hitting the road with Kane Brown this summer

When RaeLynn looks at her daughter Daisy Rae, she sees herself.

“She's a spitfire,” the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. “She's 2½ and already ruling the house. And I did not expect it to happen this quick, but here we are.”

It’s a tiny snapshot of the big life that RaeLynn, 30, is currently living.

“They always say you don't know true love until you have a child,” the “God Made Girls” hitmaker says. “And now that I am a mom, I always wonder, what did I even do with my life beforehand? Right after I had my daughter, nothing else mattered in the world. It all has a different purpose now because it's all with her in mind.”

RaeLynn says she has also loved watching her husband Josh Davis excel as a dad. “He's such a perfect girl dad,” she says. “I'm so glad we had a girl first.”

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<p>Acacia Evans</p> RaeLynn

Acacia Evans


In turn, the music of RaeLynn has also grown and matured and found a new purpose, as the singer/songwriter says she is constantly thinking about  teaching some of the lessons she looks forward to teaching her little girl someday. Take for example her current single, "Funny Girl."

“When you are that girl sitting in the backseat trying to figure out who you are a little bit in your awkward stage, you wonder if this life is possible,” says RaeLynn, who will not only head out on a series of stadium tour dates with Kane Brown this year, but also embark on her very own Funny Girl Tour 2024 across the US.  “And it truly is, but at the time you don't really feel that. It's not that you don't believe it. It’s just that you don't know if that it's ever going to be you.”

Certainly, she says she can remember those awkward stages in her own life.

“I was the life of the party, but I wouldn't say I was the cutest chick,” remembers RaeLynn. "But I had a lot of style. I was in sixth grade and Anne Hathaway was on the cover of Vogue and she had a cool pixie haircut, and I really wanted that haircut. Well, I get this haircut and I ended up looking like Kate Gosselin! My favorite thing about it is I looked in the mirror and was like, 'Hell yeah, this is awesome.'"

She laughs at the memory. "I was to an extent popular, but it was because I was just a big talker and I just was always just having fun," she explains. "You have the quintessential popular girls that are the hot ones. I wasn't never one of those girls. I always hung out with the weird outcast kids because that's where I fit in. But we were popular in our own right because we were just the funny ones."

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<p>Acacia Evans</p> RaeLynn

Acacia Evans


It's this story that indirectly leads the way in the music video for “Funny Girl,” premiering exclusively on PEOPLE.

“[Video director] Acacia Evans and I went back and forth, and then she just called me one day and said, 'Listen, I don't think this song needs anything else but to tell the story of a funny girl and to show the awkwardness of that funny girl,'" RaeLynn says. “When I see the girl in the video putting in her contacts and having to wear her glasses, that was me. I wear Coke-bottle glasses. I'm negative 5.5 in both eyes. I can't think without my glasses."

She says it was also important to her to show that the "funny girls" sometimes may be the awkward ones, but most evolve into something even more beautiful.

"The video shows the pain, but also there's so much beauty," RaeLynn explains. "In the video, the main character might be the one wearing the glasses and getting her makeup done, but she is still accepted, and she is still loved. She's just different. I always felt loved and accepted. I just felt like the odd man out sometimes. When we were doing those performance shots, it felt very full-circle for me because I felt like this is exactly the story."

She concludes, "This is exactly what I pictured when I wrote this song.”

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