Rain, hail blasts parts of southern Manitoba

Adolph Buttner surveys the damage to his cattle shed Wednesday after a storm blew through Tuesday night.

Some wild weather swept through southern Manitoba on Tuesday, pounding some places with hail, ripping down trees and damaging buildings.

It missed Winnipeg but the storm hit blasted some areas just to the north of the city — Selkirk, Pine Falls, Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet and areas to the east of there.

In Whitemouth and parts of the Whiteshell, trees were downed and even some buildings were damaged, said Environment Canada's Rob Paola.

"Winds [were] gusting likely 90 to 100 kilometres an hour to cause the kind of damage that was seen," said CBC weather specialist Marilyn Maki.

Gary Hanna, who lives in Pinawa, said the strange-looking clouds moved in just before 9 p.m. Then the wind started to blow and the hail poured down.

"I don't think it was quite golf sized where we were but it's bigger than pea, for sure. On our back deck it looked like it had snowed," he said.

They are also cleaning up at the Buttner farm, about an hour east of Winnipeg on highway 44.

Marie Buttner said the storm moved fast.

"It was just a couple of minutes and it was all done and then when you went outside, it was just, well it just like disaster. That's what it looked like the disaster area."

She said the cattle shed was destroyed and the roof of the hay shed ripped off.

"Just like a white-out, and when it was over and done with there was tin, sheets of tin hanging off of the hydro line and it snapped a hydro pole too," she said.

Power and television signals were out for several hours from Pinawa, to Lac du Bonnet to Gull Lake.

Highway 44 was closed for a time near Seddons Corner, just east of Beausejour, because power lines were blown down.

The severe thunderstorm tracked west of Gimli to Lake Winnipeg and then east to Lac du Bonnet, the Whiteshell and northwest Ontario, said Paola.

There were no reports of any injuries.