Rainfall warning heightens flood risk in southern Quebec

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Montreal declares state of emergency due to flooding

Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for much of southern Quebec, making conditions even worse for people fighting flooding.

Most regions will get between 20 and 50 millimetres of rain, although Environment Canada says parts of the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions could see up to 60 millimetres.

That 60-millimetre prediction is more for the municipalities north of Laval, explained Environment Canada meteorologist Antoine Petit.

Rain is expected to last through to Saturday morning. For the island of Montreal, 25 to 40 millimetres of rain are in the forecast.

While the high Friday is expected to hover around 12 C, temperatures may decrease enough on Saturday to bring flurries in the afternoon, he said.

The ground is already saturated and, with the melting snow further north, the heavy rain is expected to swell waterways..

"Avoid driving through water on roads," the weather agency warns. "Even shallow, fast-moving water across a road can sweep a vehicle or a person away."

The St. Lawrence River, the Lake of Two Mountains, the Ottawa River and others are all rising.

As of 7 p.m. Thursday, Urgence Québec is reporting 3,148 flooded residence, 2,305 isolated by floods and 1,111 people forced out of their homes.