Ramy Youssef Sends Up NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’ On ‘SNL’

Tonight on SNL, Ramy Youssef appeared in a sketch parodying NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts series.

After singing a line from a song, alongside band mates played by Chloe Troast and James Austin Johnson, he tells a crowd assembled for the performance, “Thank you so much NPR. We are the Jonah Hughes Band. Now, that last one usually contains a lot more synth, but since this is a Tiny Desk concert, we’ve got to be quirking it up.”

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“Yep,” says Troast. “That’s why I play a milk carton shaker.”

Youssef explains that Troast is usually on the cello, adding, “We’ve never actually played in an office before, like a real one, but being here is a dream come true.”

Before segueing into the band’s next song, “Crazy Girl, Amanda,” Youssef is interrupted by Bowen Yang, playing an NPR staffer.

“Hey, guys. Can we be quiet please?” Yang asks. “Some of us are working.”

“Uh, sorry. What?” Youssef replies.

“Yeah, we’re on a call and right now, there’s a little too much ruckus,” Yang says.

“Oh, well we’re doing a Tiny Desk concert here. It’s kind of a big deal for us,” Youssef retorts.

“Yeah, well it’s NPR,” Yang sasses. “Every day is kind of a big deal for us.”

Youssef wonders whether this guy is “important here,” with a character played by Sarah Sherman explaining, “No, that’s Elliot. He’s a new intern, but he’s 35. He said he goes to SUNY Newark.”

Adds the NPR employee of Michael Longfellow, “Someone told me he’s working on a podcast about ‘AI and rural queers.'”

“Yeah, it’s beyond interesting actually, and I’m excited to announce we’ve landed on a title for my podcast,” says Yang. “It’s called, ‘Beep boop, I’m gay now.’ It’s a play on ‘Wait wait, don’t tell me,’ but it’s not funny at all.”

Youssef hosted tonight’s episode, with Travis Scott as musical guest. For video of the sketch, check back later.

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