This Raspberry and Pistachio Crepe Cake Is a 'Great Centerpiece' for Your Easter Spread

"The process is simple, with deliciously sweet cream spread between layers of thin pancakes,” says Sabrina Ghayour, author of the 'Flavor' cookbook

<p>Morgan Hunt Glaze</p> Sabrina Ghayour

Morgan Hunt Glaze

Sabrina Ghayour's Raspberry and Pistachio Crepe Cake

Sabrina Ghayour's layered treat is just as delicious as it is beautiful.

“The process is simple, with deliciously sweet cream spread between layers of thin pancakes,” says the chef, whose colorful dessert recipe is adapted from her new cookbook Flavor. "It makes a great centerpiece."

Crepe cakes are popular across Europe and Asia but Ghayour says her unique flavor combination takes it to the next level: "The sweetness of pistachios work well with the sharpness of raspberries," says the host of "Sabrina’s Kitchen" supper club.

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Sabrina Ghayour’s Raspberry and Pistachio Crepe Cake

1 cup whole milk

3 Tbsp. tap water

¾ cup (about 2½ oz.) all-purpose flour, sifted

⅛ tsp. kosher salt

2 large eggs

1½ Tbsp. granulated sugar

5 Tbsp. (3½ oz.) unsalted butter, melted, divided

3¾ cups heavy cream

½ cup powdered sugar

2 tsp. vanilla bean paste

Natural pink food coloring

½ cup chopped unsalted pistachios, finely ground

2 cups fresh raspberries

1. Stir together milk and water in a small bowl. Whisk together flour, salt and eggs in a large bowl until well combined. While whisking continuously, slowly add milk mixture into flour mixture, a little at a time, until batter is smooth and free of lumps. Whisk in granulated sugar and 4 tablespoons of the melted butter.

2. Heat a medium skillet over medium high. Brush a small amount (about ¼ teaspoon) of the remaining melted butter in skillet. Add ¼ cup crepe batter to skillet, and immediately swirl skillet to fully cover bottom. Cook until edges are set and top of crepe becomes matte, about 45 seconds. Use a nonstick spatula to lift edges of crepe, and quickly and carefully flip. Cook until set on bottom, about 15 seconds. Transfer crepe to a parchment-lined plate; cover with another sheet of parchment. Repeat with remaining batter to make 8 crepes total, brushing skillet with ¼ teaspoon melted butter each time and stacking cooked crepes on plate with parchment between each. Let cool completely, about 20 minutes. Cover, and chill in refrigerator until ready to assemble.

3. Place cream, powdered sugar and vanilla bean paste in a large bowl. Add pink food coloring, 1 drop at a time, until desired color is reached. Beat with an electric mixer on medium-high speed until stiff, pillowy peaks form, 4 to 5 minutes.

4. Remove crepes from refrigerator; place 1 crepe on a serving plate. Spread about ½ cup of the whipped cream mixture in an even layer over the crepe, leaving a ¼-inch border around edges. Top with second crepe, and repeat process with remaining crepes until you place the final crepe on top. Cover the top and exposed edges of cake with remaining cream mixture. Sprinkle pistachios on top, followed by the raspberries. Chill in refrigerator until firm, at least 1 hour, before serving.

Serves: 10
Active time:
 45 minutes
Total time:
 2 hours, 35 minutes

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