RCMP hosts recruiting booth at Cold Lake Cenovus Energy Centre

The event was held for individuals keen on pursuing a career in law enforcement to have the opportunity to engage with a seasoned member of the RCMP, who provided invaluable insights into the recruitment process and the career path within the force.

The event attracted considerable attention, with Cst. Neil Muz a recruiter with Proactive Alberta noting, “Right off the start we've had two people, or three people that came here specifically because of the advertisement.”

Muz emphasized the importance of proactive engagement with the public. “We try to get out there as much as we can into the public and catch the public's eye obviously in many different ways. If someone's interested in becoming a police officer, we are the ones that they should be talking to because we'll show them the right path.”

Muz addressed various aspects of the recruitment process, shedding light on the basic requirements for aspiring RCMP officers. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply and background checks are part of the process.

“You have to have a minimum high school diploma or equivalent, and obviously are making good choices in life.”

Concerns regarding physical fitness were addressed, with Muz advising potential applicants to prioritize their fitness prior to entering training. “We tell people before you go to training, be in shape. Don't go there to get into shape because it's going to be much more difficult,” he emphasized.

He also highlighted the flexibility within the RCMP, stating, “Right now we're looking at seven to 12 months, give or take, before you're accepted. So, you've got that much time to get into shape.”

The event provided clarity on various aspects of the career, including postings and language requirements. “Obviously, you’ve got to be fluent in English or French. If not both,” Muz said. He also discussed the issue of criminal records, emphasizing the significance of timing of offenses and seriousness in the evaluation process. Muz explained that if the applicant has a criminal record, depending on the offense they can get it pardoned.

Muz provided insight into the diverse career paths within the RCMP. “We have over a 150 different career paths that you can take,” he explained. “First and foremost, you are trained to be a police officer. After training, you will become a sworn police officer and then you get posted somewhere.”

Muz offered valuable advice to individuals considering a career in law enforcement. “If you're young and you're high school age and you want to join, obviously continue, no matter who you are, always continue making the right choices in life, right? Positive choices,” he urged.

Practical information regarding the online application process was provided. “Everything is done online. Go online, fill out what they need for you to fill out, and then hit apply.”

For those who were unable to attend and or have an interest in applying, the RCMP encourages individuals to explore their website and take the first step towards a career in law enforcement at alberta.rcmp.ca.

Chantel Downes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lakeland This Week