Ready to serve: Cancer Society offices reopen in Corner Brook

Travel program for Labrador cancer patients grounded by cash crunch

The Canadian Cancer Society has opened its doors on the west coast of Newfoundland for the first time this year after the resignation of staff last November.

The society was taken by surprise when the only two employees in its Corner Brook office left within a week of each other to pursue other opportunities.

While the non-profit organization was still able to continue to provide service from it's St. John's office, Al Pelley, vice president of philanthropy, said the Corner Brook location was sorely missed. 

"We recognize that this is a very busy location, and we were always committed to reopening this office," Pelly said, speaking with the Corner Brook Morning Show on Wednesday.

Pelley said losing the two employees happened at a bad time. 

"It was toward the end of November, which is a difficult time to recruit. The society was also going through a nation-wide restructuring, as it merged with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation." 

Reopening marks start of Daffodil Month

With the hiring of two new employees — a community resource coordinator and a health promotion coordinator — the society resumed it's operations on Wednesday. 

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender was on hand to mark the event, which also coincided with the start of Daffodil Month — a yearly fundraising effort which helps to support the society's research efforts, and funds services for cancer patients and their families.

Pelley reiterated the society's commitment to the region.

"We want to thank the people of western Newfoundland for their patience and understanding and we want them to know that we are committed to providing the best level of service we can to people living with cancer in this region."