Reality TV couple’s divorce gets uglier by the day: ‘He refuses to vacate my home’

Short but not sweet.

More details are emerging about Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s four year marriage to local chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, and they’re not pretty.

The former couple, who linked up on season 13 of the ABC dating show in 2017, are still working out the nitty gritty of their contentious divorce.

Apparently, things began to quickly crumble after their wedding in August 2019 while they were living in Miami.

“Our marital standard of living was nowhere near as glamorous as Bryan portrays it to be,” Lindsay said in court documents filed Wednesday in Los Angeles. “In fact, we rarely saw each other or even lived together during our brief marriage.”

Things went from bad to worse in 2020. During the pandemic, Lindsay, 39, relocated to L.A. to work for “Extra” while Abasolo, 44, stayed in his hometown.

The University of Florida alum joined the former lawyer on the West Coast a few months later, but the writing was already on the wall.

Amid living separate lives, Abasolo ended up filing for divorce in January 2023, citing irreconcilable differences.

Lindsay says in the court papers she found out in a very impersonal way.

“Earlier that day, Bryan and I had a conversation in my kitchen during which he failed to mention that he had filed for divorce,” Lindsay claims. “Approximately 30 minutes after he left the house, he sent me a text message that simply read ‘Hey ... I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed.’”

The exes were forced to cohabit due to financial issues; in May, Abasolo filed a motion requesting emergency spousal support, saying the living situation was “awkward and strained.”

“I want to move out of our family residence as soon as possible, but maintaining our standard of living is not financially feasible at this time,” Abasolo claimed. “I placed my career as a chiropractor on hold to move twice for Rachel’s career. These moves were detrimental to my chiropractic business, while Rachel’s income and success as a media personality skyrocketed.”

Lindsay, who admits she is the breadwinner, is offering $9,882 in monthly spousal support, calling the deal “generous.”

“Since we separated, I have paid 100% of the mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance and repairs, utilities, and costs to care for our pets (including their food, medicine, daycare, boarding, vet bills, pet insurance) on Bryan’s behalf while he refuses to vacate my home. Except for paying our gardener and 50% of our housekeeping costs, Bryan continues to reside in my house without contributing any funds to the carrying costs.”

The “Higher Learning” podcaster also says she cannot pay his attorney $75,000 to litigate as Abasolo requested.

“If I did so, I would not have sufficient funds remaining to pay my own counsel.”