Rebecca Ferguson addresses Dune 3 return

rebecca ferguson , dune part two
Rebecca Ferguson addresses Dune 3 returnNiko Tavernise/Warner Bros

Rebecca Ferguson has addressed the chances of her character returning for Dune 3.

The actor played Lady Jessica Atreides in the first two Dune movies. And now it's been teased that writer and director Denis Villeneuve will adapt the next novel in Frank Herbert’s series, Dune: Messiah, fans want to know if we'll see her back.

Ferguson’s character Lady Jessica doesn’t actually appear in the novel Dune: Messiah but she is mentioned a few times by other characters, which has led to speculation that she might not appear in the third film.

rebecca ferguson, dune part two
Warner Bros.

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In an interview with The Playlist, Ferguson spoke about the current status of the next Dune instalment and revealed that some of the actor’s deals for the next film had not yet been confirmed.

"Oh, to be honest, it’s completely out of my hands," she said. "[Denis] has clearly made a spectacular world. And it is banking and people are loving it, and it has the most phenomenal cast in it.

"Of course, there would be a third one, but it’s a lot of pressure on Denis. It’s a lot of pressure to continue. And when do you make the creative decision? Do you go when it is at the best, or do you make one that could fail and not be as good?"

She continued: "It’s a really tricky conversation. It depends on the script; it depends on the money. It depends on all the actors that have not got a deal for the third film. That’s a lot going on there. So there’s a lot to take into consideration before just writing a third script, you know?"

rebecca ferguson, zendaya, dune part two
Warner Bros.

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While Ferguson admitted that she hasn’t read the book so doesn’t know the exact plot details, she shared hopes there’ll be a space for her in the adaptation.

She said: "As long as my character doesn’t go and sit [somewhere] hot and covered in fabrics, I’m happy. I think in the book she goes away and disappears for a bit and sits. Y’know, she’s Reverend Mothering underneath all of it. I mean, I’ll be a teapot."

Dune: Part Two is out now in cinemas and is also available to buy or rent in the UK from Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and more.

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