Rebel Wilson says British royal invited her to ‘insane’ party with orgy, drugs

Rebel Wilson has more dirty laundry to air, claiming in her memoir that a British royal invited her to a party full of drugs to better facilitate an orgy.

The “Pitch Perfect” star, 44, writes in her new memoir, “Rebel Rising,” that she was invited by someone “who’s like fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne” to a medieval-themed party hosted by a “tech billionaire,” according to People.

“All of a sudden it’s 2 a.m. and a guy comes out with a large tray piled with what looks like a ton of candy,” Wilson recalls, noting she was told the treats were actually “molly” — a street name for the party drug ecstasy or MDMA. “I turned to the screenwriter I’ve been talking with, confused. He says, ‘Oh, it’s for the orgy … the orgies normally start at these things about this time.'”

It was then that things started clicking into place for Wilson — who had earlier overheard the British royal tell her friend, “We need more girls.”

“They weren’t talking about a boy-girl ratio like it was a year-eight disco. They were talking about an ORGY!” she said. “Needless to say, I hike up my damsel dress and run out of there as fast as I can.”

It wasn’t just the drugs and pending orgy that made the party “insane” though, as Wilson noted everyone dove headfirst into honoring the medieval theme, with men “jousting on horses in a field” and “girls dressed as mermaids … in the pool.”

Though Wilson didn’t name the royal in question, she’s had no problem name-dropping others in the memoir, including Adele and, most notably, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Wilson alleges the 52-year-old “Borat” star, with whom she worked on 2016’s “The Brothers Grimsby,” pressured her into performing inappropriate acts on the set, allegations which Cohen has denied.