Red light camera at Regina intersection taking 'test photos'

Did the newly installed red light camera near Golden Mile Mall in Regina flash at you while you went through a green light? You're not alone.

The City of Regina says cameras at the intersection of Albert Street and Parliament Avenue are taking "test shots."

"The new red light cameras are non-intrusive cameras, which requires the camera to take test shots regularly to calibrate," The city said in a statement.

They said the test photos taken at the intersection will be deleted by the red light camera contractor.

If someone goes through a red light, the camera will take two pictures and a video. One picture will be taken at the stop bar and the other while the car is driving through the intersection, the city said.

The contractor has to then identify the violation and the evidence is forwarded to Regina Police Services. Once the evidence is in the hands of the police, a final review is done and a ticket is issued only if a violation is confirmed, according to the statement.