Red Sox fan tells on Astros fan who interfered with ball

Sometimes, you have to look out for No. 1. No one wants to leave a baseball game early, particularly when it isn’t by choice. So when one young Boston Red Sox fan found himself potentially facing a wrongful ejection after interfering with a ball, he did what he needed to do in order to keep watching the game. He pointed out the real culprit.

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The exchange took place in the bottom of the second inning during Saturday’s game against the Houston Astros. With two outs, George Springer hit a 3-2 pitch just barely fair over the third base bag. The ball bounced into foul territory after it passed the bag and headed toward the wall in left.

When it reached the wall, one Astros fan reached down and made contact with the ball. The play was ruled dead and Springer was rewarded a double on fan interference.

When Xander Bogaerts came over to retrieve the ball, one young Red Sox fan had to let him know he wasn’t responsible for letting Springer pick up a double. He pointed out the Astros fan who touched the ball. He told on him. He tattled.

This Red Sox fan was just protecting himself after one fan interfered with a ball. ( Screenshot)

It didn’t take long for security to get involved. A few moments later, they came down to the section looking for the guilty party. It wasn’t tough to find him, especially after he was pointed out to everyone. He slinked off with security. We’re guessing he did not return.

In the end, the young Red Sox fan’s actions didn’t really matter. Security has the resources to review tape. They knew exactly who they were after before they even went down to the front row. The guilty party would have be apprehended either way.

Maybe they had some help, but so what? It was only the second inning, and the Red Sox fan wanted to stay at the game. He may not have been rewarded with a win, as the Red Sox lost 7-1, but he did get a ball from Bogaerts and got to see all nine innings. Not a bad day at the ballpark, honestly.

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