Redford won't raise taxes despite dropping oil revenues

Premier Alison Redford says that taxes will not go up despite suggestions from within the government that an increase could mitigate the impact of dropping oil revenues.

Redford said on Wednesday that tough decisions will have to made about next year's budget but she plans to stick to her promise that taxes won't go up.

"Some people are saying it's an option but I've made my preferences clear and I've made my commitment and I'm not changing my commitment," she said.

Redford wouldn't elaborate on two investigations involving both her and the Progressive Conservative party.

The ethics commissioner announced on Monday that he will investigate whether Redford was in a conflict of interest when she chose her ex-husband's law firm to help litigate the province's tobacco lawsuit.

The next day Elections Alberta confirmed that it hired outside investigators to probe whether donations made to the Tories by Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz broke election finance laws.

"They're independent reviews so I'm not going to comment about them any further," she said. "We'll look forward to the results of them."

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