Regina police officer pleads guilty to assault

A member of the Regina Police Service charged with two counts of assault has pleaded guilty to one, and not guilty to the other, and will be sentenced next month.

Cpl. Colin Bradley Magee, 46, a 17-year member of Regina Police Service, will go to trial on the second charge in December.

Both of the charges stem from incidents that happened in the detention area of Regina Police Service (RPS) in September of 2018 and involved an adult man and a male youth.

Magee was on duty when the assaults are alleged to have occurred.

The charges are a result of an investigation by the Public Complaints Commission.

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Previously charged

Magee had also been charged with assault in 2017 for allegedly using excessive force in 2016 when arresting James Escamilla.

In July 2017, Magee was placed on administrative duties which meant he had no contact with the public.

Two years later that case was referred to Regina Alternative Measures Program.

In April of this year, Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said once Regina Police found the previous charge was moving to mediation, Magee was moved to detention to fill an opening there.

Bray said Magee started working in the detention facility in early 2018.

He said that Magee was placed to work in the detention facility because there are audio and video recording capabilities there that would allow police to review Magee's actions if another incident ever came up.

In an email on Monday, Elizabeth Popowich, manager of public information and strategic communication for RPS, said no final decisions have been made regarding Magee because the criminal matters have not been concluded

"With today's plea, we are part-way through the process the Chief spoke about at the time Cpl. Magee was charged," Popowich said in an email statement.

"The Public Complaints Commission will be part of the administrative process, as well as our Police Service. But, as stated, this is a step in the process; not the conclusion yet. At this time, Cpl. Magee is performing administrative duties within the building, with no contact with members of the public."

Cpl. Magee is scheduled to be sentenced on one charge Oct. 21, and face trial on the other Dec. 18.