Regina's first pump track now open at Lakeview Park

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The new pump track at Lakeview Park cost about $160,000 to build.  (Matthew Howard - image credit)
The new pump track at Lakeview Park cost about $160,000 to build. (Matthew Howard - image credit)

People who love to bike and skate can head to a new pump track in the city.

Pump tracks have rolling hills and banked turns, allowing people to move around and gain momentum by shifting their body weight and moving up and down rather than pedalling or pushing to move along the track.

"It's very fun, it's very smooth," said Jett Hutchinson, a 15-year-old who was biking at the track.

The Lakeview Community Association opened the track on Oct. 15 and says people have been enjoying it.

"It's been a crazy great response, and I'm sure there'll be more of these that'll pop up for the city in the future," said Mark Kress, the special projects chair for the association.

Samanda Brace
Samanda Brace

The pump track is the first of its kind in Regina. The process to get it built started back in 2017, when a community member suggested the idea to the association. City council approved the track in January, and construction began this summer.

The track isn't geared toward just one sport — Kress said anything with wheels can be used on it, including bikes, scooters, skateboards and in-line skates. The track is also for all skill levels, and is open to all ages.

"The rollers are good and you can get some air, so that's nice," said Quinn Teece, who was biking at the track.

Teece said being on the track feels "awesome." He also bikes at the BMX tracks on 13th Avenue.

Kress said the total cost of the project was around $160,000, and it was a big community fundraising effort that involved local businesses, individuals and grants. All the funds for the project were raised privately through the association.

Kress said the concept of pump tracks isn't new, noting many parents or grandparents have taken a shovel and built some dirt jumps for their kids.

"This is just a new-age engineered pump track for the most fun and speed possible," he said.

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