11 stories reportedly under scrutiny so far in NBC's Brian Williams investigation

11 stories reportedly under scrutiny so far in NBC's Brian Williams investigation

Months after Brian Williams admitted to falsely claiming he was onboard a helicopter hit by rocket fire in Iraq, three NBC executives reportedly gathered in a Rockefeller Center conference room to talk about their embattled anchor.

So far, unnamed sources told the Washington Post and the New York Times, the network’s internal probe has identified 11 occasions when Williams apparently bent the truth about his reporting.

NBC decided to suspend the “Nightly News” anchor back in February and launch an investigation into Williams’ work after the Iraq admission sparked an onslaught of accusations of embellished reporting. Everything from Williams’ Hurricane Katrina coverage and SEAL Team 6 stories to anecdotes about his college years were suddenly subject to scrutiny.

And as NBC News senior investigative producer Richard Esposito and his team of journalists tasked with combing through Williams’ record seem to have discovered, several of the revered reporter’s stories were, in fact, too good to be true.

According to the New York Times, one of the incidents uncovered in the probe relates to Williams’ coverage of Arab Spring protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The specific details of this and the other embellishing episodes, though, are unclear.

Also unclear is whether NBC will ever release its findings to the public — a decision the Post noted will likely hinge upon whether the network ends up reinstating Williams or letting him go for good.

Though we may never know the results of the investigation — which is still ongoing — the future of Williams’ once-illustrious career depends on it. In the meantime, the nightly news man will remain suspended without pay until August.