Rescued Turkeys Enjoy New Life at New York Animal Sanctuary

Two turkeys rescued from a farm near Albany were filmed enjoying their new life at a sanctuary in High Falls, New York.

This footage, shared with Storyful by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary on November 25, shows volunteers rescuing turkeys that were left in coops outside during a snow storm in January 2021.

According to the sanctuary, “Tai and Cher, two white broad breasted turkeys were found in wired cages that laid on snow. They had no flooring, so Tai and Cher’s feet were frozen standing on cold ground and ice. The birds had no food or water—it was a miracle they were even alive.”

Later in the footage, the birds can be seen eating pumpkin and being stroked by a volunteer.

“After they arrived to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary they spent a short time recovering… before moving into their permanent yards and joining flocks of their own”, the sanctuary told Storyful.

“Now you can find Tai and Cher, best bird friends, exploring their yard together foraging for snacks, napping in the sunshine, and using their quirky voices to communicate to each other and us. They trust us because we’ve showed them they can.” Credit: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary via Storyful