Inside Our Yorkshire Farm star Reuben Owen's romance with girlfriend before split

Amanda Owen's eldest son has branched out from his family for new series Life in the Dales, where viewers get to know his girlfriend Sarah Dow.

Sarah Dow, Reuben Owen and their friend Tommy in Reuben: Life in the Dales
Sarah Dow and Reuben Owen star in Reuben: Life in the Dales with their friend Tommy. (Channel 5)

Our Yorkshire Farm star Reuben Owen is all grown up now, with his own TV series about his heavy plant machinery business.

Viewers of Channel 5's Reuben: Life in the Dales will know that there is another huge part of Owen's life that features in the programme - his relationship with girlfriend Sarah Dow but he has since revealed the couple have split.

The 20-year-old is the eldest son of Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen and her ex-husband Clive, and is the second oldest of nine siblings. He first found fame with his family on Our Yorkshire Farm and since then has appeared in spin-off series Beyond the Yorkshire Farm: Reuben & Clive with his dad, as well as his own show.

Owen announced he had split from Sarah during an appearance on Lorraine. He told the presenter: "Me and Sarah were together. We're no longer together."

The farmer explained that his ex was chasing her own career ambitions but she was still working one day a week on the farm with him. He was happy to share that they were still good friends.

He said: "We're still very good friends. She's gone her own way. She's pursuing her own career. She does the odd day for us when she's not busy. We're not together no more. We still get along very well. We're still good pals."

Lorraine Kelly compared it to his mum Amanda and dad Clive's split. She said: "That's good. It's the same as your mum and dad really. They might not be together but they're still giving you lots of advice and encouragement and all of that. And your brothers and sisters too."

Sarah Dow, Reuben Owen and their friend Tommy in Reuben: Life in the Dales
Tommy (right) introduced the couple. (Channel 5)

Dow is a regular on Life in the Dales alongside Owen and his friend Tommy, who was the person that first introduced the young couple.

Speaking about their relationship in an episode of Beyond the Yorkshire Farm, Dow said: "I met Reuben through Tommy, actually. We just got on really well and he taught me some stuff.

"I'm going to do an engineering course at college and I feel like I could adapt some of this towards that because I kind of know a bit about the machines now."

Sarah Dow, Reuben Owen and their friend Tommy in Reuben: Life in the Dales
The young trio are a hit with viewers in their new series. (Channel 5)

Keen fans of the Owen family might remember first meeting Dow, who had been dating the TV star since December 2021, back in his Our Yorkshire Farm days.

Despite Owen being a TV star, he admitted on the show that he had been "terrified" of Dow to begin with as impressing girls didn't come naturally to him.

But Dow's mum seemed to approve of the relationship as she said her own house had become Owen's "home away from home".

Sweet Owen was even shown treating his then girlfriend to a second-hand car in one episode ahead of her driving test, unveiling it from behind a sheet as she said: "A Ford Fiesta! Aw, it's so cute. I'm happy with it. Thank you very much."

Although Owen's Instagram mainly features his heavy plant machines as he works hard to promote his business, followers will have seen a few shots of Dow creeping into his grid, too.

In June 2022, Owen marked a milestone in the romance as he shared a series of selfies with Dow and wrote: "Can’t believe you have put up with me for 6 months. #youralegend #ily."

A month later, the couple shared a photo of them posing against an idyllic rural background with Dow dressed in an elegant dark green gown for her school prom.

They also marked their first year together, both sharing social media posts with Owen's captioned: "Cheers @sarah11dow for not sacking me off yet been a full year."

Sarah Dow, Reuben Owen and their friend Tommy in Reuben: Life in the Dales
Sarah has been learning how to drive the dumper truck. (Channel 5)

Life in the Dales viewers have seen Owen and Dow trying to navigate their romance alongside working on his new business together, which even included scenes of him teaching Dow to drive a dumper through a muddy bog.

But life is set to get a little more glamorous for the hard-working couple as in a recent episode, they were shown preparing for a romantic holiday to France.

It was the young farmer's first trip abroad and he was shown buying two vintage tractors that they restored together to sell on and fund their trip.

The pair also visited a local second-hand book shop to look for a French phrase book as part of their romantic holiday plans. Owen said: "We're going on a trip to France and our language skills aren't that brilliant." As they read the book and tried to pronounce the phrases he stumbled: "Pardon... mois... Man this going to be hard!"

Dow admitted she was looking forward to going abroad. She said: "I think it will be quite cool. A bit different."

However, it didn't end well with Owen later telling Kelly that he didn't like going abroad. Kelly addressed the trip in a TV interview saying, "You weren't that impressed with abroad were you?"

Owen admitted it wasn't for him. He said: "No, abroad wasn't really for me. It was nice to get out a bit. It was a fair old experience."