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Year in Review 2016: People we lost this year

The people we lost in 2016. Photo from Getty Images

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    Yet my miserable ex lives on
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    The only name I want to see on this list is Trump the Stump.
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    Hey Yahoo, does the name Jim Prentice come to mind. You give mention to obscure politicians from other countries yet you overlook the former premier of Alberta who died Oct16.
    Maybe you should stick with just celebrities
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    It has been a very rough year
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    You forgot Lemmy!
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    Well, RIP...

    Mick Jagger just had a baby at age 174....

    Always look at the brighter side of life.
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    Here in Vancouver it is December 28th, 2016.
    I didn't know 2016 had already ended somewhere else!
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    Hacked again
    I'm surprised Yahoo is still around.
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    David L
    Yes, 2016 takes all our beloved icons but spares Kanye West, Justin BEAVER and the entire KarTrashian clan. No justice.
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    When Doves Cry
    I have a rare signed photo of Gordie Howe I picked up at the now defunct Goodwill for $3.