Richard Gadd says writing Baby Reindeer was 'lifesaver' after stalking ordeal

The comedian and actor was stalked in real life by a woman he met in the bar where he worked

Baby Reindeer (Netflix)
Richard Gadd stars in Baby Reindeer. (Netflix)

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Comedian Richard Gadd has said writing about his real life stalking ordeal for his stage show and Netflix series Baby Reindeer was “a lifesaver”.

The star, 34, was stalked by a woman when he was in his 20s and first turned it into material for a stage show before creating the TV programme. He also stars in the series playing fictional character Donny Dunn, who is stalked by a woman named Martha (Jessica Gunning) after they meet at the bar where he works.

Opening up on ITV’s This Morning, Gadd said writing it all down for the projects was “the best therapy”.

What, how, and why?

The star explained that his real life ordeal began with an act of kindness, when he offered a woman a free drink. “It did all start with a drink on the house and I knew almost immediately,” he said. “I almost knew the second I’d done that, the second I’d made that gesture, ‘Oh something is brewing here’.”

Baby Reindeer (Netflix)
Baby Reindeer stars Jessica Gunning as Martha. (Netflix)

Gadd told This Morning hosts Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley that it “got pretty bad”. “It got pretty relentless,” he said. “At one stage it was like an assault on all senses, across all media, emails, phone, everything. It felt like a barrage, a constant 24/7 issue.”

Deeley asked Gadd what it was like to relive his experience, asking whether it was “empowering” as well as “distressing”.

“I think so,” said the star. “I think that’s what I’ve got most out of art in my life and writing and doing all these things… when you are struggling with things and everything is on your shoulders or just tight in your chest, just getting it out there, writing it down, putting it into something.

“It’s been the best therapy for me, it’s kind of been a lifesaver.”

Richard Gadd opened up about his experience on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Richard Gadd opened up about his experience on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)

What else happened on This Morning?

Gadd also talked about his co-star Gunning, saying that she was “remarkable” as Martha.

“There were times where we’d be shooting and the camera would be over my shoulder on her and I’d forget to say my lines because I’d be like, ‘God she’s so good, she’s just so good’,” he said.

“I think she’s the best actress in this country and I always had her in mind for Martha.”

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