RIP Twitter Dot Com: Elon Musk Moves Social Network to X Web Address

Elon Musk is retiring the last vestige of Twitter — the web address — as the social network has fully moved over to the domain name.

“All core systems are now on,” the multibillionaire tech mogul posted on the platform late Thursday. With the changeover, all URLs are now being redirected to the corresponding address on

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When users logged on to Twitter/X on Friday, they saw a message that said: “Welcome to! We are letting you know that we are changing our URL, but your privacy and data protection settings remain the same.”

The move comes after Musk unilaterally rebranded Twitter as X in July 2023. In a late-night post, he declared that Twitter was no longer the name of the social network — reborn as X, which appears to be his favorite letter of the alphabet. “Soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” Musk posted on X last July. The company rebranded its mobile apps with the X moniker and moved employee email addresses to

Even with the Twitter name scrubbed from the web, many users continue to balk at calling the site X. “Still Twitter,” Marques Brownlee, a popular tech vlogger and podcaster, posted Friday.

Musk earlier this year sparred with Stephen King, after the legendary horror writer said he refused to refer to Twitter as X. In a reply, Musk attempted to make an anti-trans joke — accusing King of “deadnaming” the platform.

Even before Musk had officially closed the debt-laden deal in October 2022 — which he did reluctantly after Twitter sued to hold him to his original $44 billion takeover offer — he had told everyone he was going to change Twitter into X, “the everything app.”

To celebrate the new X name, Musk had installed a blindingly bright “X” sign on top of the company’s building in San Francisco but was forced by the city to take it down after complaints, including that the “extremely intense white stroboscopic light” was “causing distress and nausea.”

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