'Rock the Block' Season 5 Winners Have Been Announced and Fans Are Seriously Torn

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'Rock the Block' Winners Were "Shocked" By ResultsHGTV

Rock the Block's fifth season has had one major theme: redemption. All four teams competed on previous seasons of the HGTV series and fell short, so they were extra motivated to win the second time around.

Heading into the final episode, it's safe to say Bryan and Sarah Baeumler were the favorites after taking home three episode wins. The final verdict episode was judged by host Ty Pennington and Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott, who evaluated the homes before appraisers determined how much value was added to the final sales price.

If you need a refresher: The grand prize for winning Rock the Block is the team's name on the street sign.

Here's how the teams measured up before the finale:

  • Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (Unsellable Houses): 1 win (backyard/pool)

  • Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Renovation Island): 3 wins (living room with Keith and Evan, surprise bedroom, and exterior)

  • Page Turner and Mitch Glew (Fix My Flip): 2 wins (kitchen and main suite)

  • Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (Bargain Block): 1 win (living room, shared with Sarah and Bryan)

For the final challenge, the teams had five days and what remained from their budget to update the second-floor lofts and laundry rooms. The Baeumlers had an additional $11,000 to spend from previous wins.

Page and Mitch had only $9,000 remaining to finish their coastal chic house. They transformed their loft into a reading nook with built-in bookshelves. Ty and Jonathan praised the bi-fold window in the kitchen the best feature they'd seen and loved the grocery lift and platform bed, but weren't convinced by the social media room or reading nook. Jonathan said the balcony lacked "wow" factor.

Lyndsay and Leslie had just $5,000 left and added in an office space. They built out the home's third laundry room, complete with dog-washing station. Jonathan and Ty evaluated their tropical retreat and made note of the solar panels, wine storage, bold kitchen, and spa-like primary suite with a sauna and cold plunge. They questioned the location of the dog-washing station on the second floor and the necessity of three laundry rooms.

With their remaining $8,000, Keith and Evan decided to forgo the laundry room and added an office space with built-ins. Ty and Jonathan did their final evaluation of the organic modern home and found added value in the dramatic ceiling and grand kitchen, luxe main suite, and outdoor kitchen but questioned using the same tile in the bathrooms and the closet fireplace.

Sarah and Bryan had the most money remaining: $19,000. They added a curved statement wall with storage and a laundry room and splurged with their remaining money on a Jet-Ski. The judges toured the natural zen house and called out the zen garden, elevator, curved walls, custom wallpaper, and automatic screens. They weren't sold on the first-floor bedroom location and layout of the primary suite closet.

After the final walk-throughs, Ty and Jonathan delivered the final news. They reminded viewers that the homes were originally worth $1.7 million each, and each team received a $250,000 budget plus $25,000 for the pools. After the updates, every home appraised for more than $2.28 million, and just $20,000 separated first and second place.

After a dramatic drone show, the winners were announced to be Lyndsay and Leslie! The sisters were in tears over the news, and Leslie said she was "in shock and speechless." Their home appraised for just over $2.3 million, thanks to solar panels, backup batteries, the sauna, cold plunge pool, and climate-controlled wine storage.

HGTV shared the news on Instagram, and fans were left torn by the decision.

  • "The twins made smart value choices. Chilled wine rack Sauna. Cold plunge. Solar panels. Plus in Florida a lot of homes are tropical feel and bold inside."

  • "This whole contest was Keith and Evan. I’d even have taken Sarah and Bryan. The twins? Y’all got this one so wrong."

  • "When you have solar power and 3 back up batteries in A storm state that's HUGE. The house decor they chose is very Floridian. Congratulations to Lindsay and Lesley. All of the condos were beautiful.🔥"

  • "Keith and Evan should have Won! 🏆 ❤️"

  • "Theirs was the worst condo. Bryan and Sarah was far better, Paige and Mitch was far better, and yes, Keith and Evan did better. Solar is important, but the other aspects of that condo, it’ll be the last one to sell"

  • "Lame. This shows that you can win a bland house by attaching some toys to it. Keith and Even were robbed time and again but to have the worst house win is a huge disappointment. Won’t watch this competition show again."

What did you think about the finale?

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